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    However, in the middle of the night, he still thought about his ex.

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    Ling Langya calmly looked at Yang Xiaowu howling in the distance, knowing that three ribs on his chest were broken and he was no longer able to fight. He took advantage of the fact that Yang Xiaowu didn't know his background and thought he was just fast and careless. Relying on his strong physical strength, he gave him a blow.

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    The great northern demon sits on tiger mountain. The existence of a fierce man, the king of demons, who killed Taoist Souls, ate famous Buddhist monks and killed countless demons, what is even more terrifying is that he once massacred hundreds of thousands of mortals, and escaped under the siege of the city god. Later, he agitated to hunt down the ox-headed general, and even escaped. It was rumored that he had a treasure in his hand, helping him escape the pursuit of the bull-headed general. With such an existence, no one could kill him unless he went to a higher level world, but that didn't mean he wouldn't be injured. This time, the Northern Demon Great Emperor, sitting on the tiger mountain, also went out to do something, but there was a problem with this. He was injured and had to swallow mortal blood to heal his wound and set up a large formation. His charisma attracted human monks from the underworld, hoping to devour the monks' blood. Although he was blocked by the three city gods and arranged a matrix outside, he also captured the existence of the Purple Tieu Palace group of people. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of the power of the great formation to slowly wipe out the surrounding areas. Taoist priest of Tu Tieu Palace. Zhang Ning entered the lineup very suddenly. Zuo Shanhu secretly mobilized a squad to eliminate Zhang Ning, but was stopped by Wan Baofan, who had watched Zhang Ning join the Taoists of Zixiao Palace. Zuo Shanhu couldn't bear it anymore, propped up his injured body to activate his supernatural power and wiped out all the people in Zixiao Palace, but they were saved by Zhang Ning. At this point, he couldn't help but be extremely angry, appearing to ask Truong Ninh: "Who are you?" Even so, Ta Son Ho did not think Truong Ninh could keep him, he was very good at escaping. Having many tricks, that year he escaped and ascended to heaven under the watch of the ox-headed general. Of course, this was also because he had never met General Niutou, otherwise he would not have been able to escape. In general, he has a mysterious faith in his escape. But when Zuo Shanhu heard Zhang Ning's words, "You should run away when you see me. Then you can live, otherwise you will die." “I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die.” These four words kept rising in my heart. Existences like Sitting Tiger are existences that seek good fortune and avoid evil. He believed in his instincts very much, opened his mouth and spit out a talking mirror. This talking mirror was very mysterious, the rumors on it were constantly changing, mysterious yellow energy bloomed, praying for good luck and avoiding evil. . It was because of this treasure that General Niutou was unable to trace his location, and it also allowed him to escape this time and come here to treat his wounds. In the blink of an eye, the illusory figure like a tiger sitting on the hill was taken away, even if a Taoist who was good at calculating could not detect his whereabouts. But unfortunately, what he had to face was that Zhang Ning, who was grateful to the Xutian Kingdom's sect, harvested a lot of treasures and refined Wan Baofan into an existence that no one in the intermediate world can endure. If the mountain tiger was far away, it would still have a life, but it was too close. Even the rumored mirror hides the silhouette and turns it into an illusion. Just like reciting Buddha's name to cleanse away ghosts, even if the current ghosts hide, they can still escape? But it just evaporates. With Zhang Ning's voice, "The Matrix is overwhelming." Seven battle flags were fired from Wanbaofan and scattered around Zhang Ning. When they were shot, the seven battle flags were just a small dot. It turned into large banners, the large banners lit up with Buddha light, Buddha light circulated, evil spirits retreated. Next is Wanbao Bodhi, this Buddhist treasure resembles a large sun in the sky, emitting endless light. Zhang Ning's Wanbaofan, Wanbaofan is actually just a vessel. The real killing technique is to use the seven flag formation that belongs to the earth-shattering demon formation, and this Wanbao Bodhi as the formation weapon, with tens of thousands of relics, flying swords, magical weapons, etc. , Zhang Ning's version of the earth-shaking demon array was conceived to kill. The endless sea of blood in the previous Blood Soul Sail has been replaced by boundless Buddha light. When the formation was formed, endless rays of light shot out from the sails of thousands of treasures, thousands of Buddhist relics left by famous Buddhist monks, thousands of flying swords, and thousands of weapons. Various magical gases shot out, Bao Quang soared into the sky, Ten thousand dong. A small ray of yellow light flew out, then bloomed, the range instantly expanded, using a large force to attack Sitting Tiger's strange formation, everywhere it went there was only destruction. Buddhism says, be compassionate. But King Kong and Arhat are physically superior. Zhang Ning Wanbaofan is largely a Buddhist method, but at this time, it is a brutal killing spree, wherever it goes, the only real champion is destruction. The sitting tiger trapped the Taoists of Zixiao Palace, and the bloody formation that stopped the three city gods was quickly destroyed. Soon after, the sitting tiger appeared, and it did not last long. Initially at this point the formation should be converging. But Truong Ninh first activated the great array, then used his boundless soul magic power to urge him, suddenly unable to control, the great array spread out. Outside the bloody formation, a group of city gods leading ghost soldiers and generals await the end. The end is set. When King So Giang takes action, will the boat capsize? The three city gods are chatting from afar, planning to welcome King So Giang back. The warships are still in the air. The god of the city of Ningguo looked up at the blood-colored formation and said: "The demons must surely perish, let's not talk about it anymore. But this King of Chu Giang seems to be a person from hell." in the underworld. The three gods saw Truong Ninh for the first time. They saw Truong Ninh's true face. They also knew that Truong Ninh was a human in flesh and blood. Of course this is a surprise. "Maybe it's the soul transfer technique, maybe it's simply reincarnation." Truong Han Thanh Hoang speculated. "Probably reincarnation, our Divine Cult will not be so evil, placing our souls on the Duong family." Vo Huong Thanh Than said. Let's chat, chat casually. Although family religion is orderly, nothing is indisputable. Yan Jun is always open and open, and has no hidden secrets. The three city gods took this king of Chu Jiang as their reincarnation, so whoever the incarnation was, Yan Jun personally canonized him as the king of Chu Jiang of the divine religion. But it also makes Zhang Ning's identity more confusing. Ignoring the Buddhas, Zhu Xian, all true demons, and all great monsters, those who are qualified to reincarnate like this in the divine religion will become the existence of King Chu Jiang. The head of a bull and the face of a black and white horse, the judge is still in the underworld. Who is reincarnated? Could it be that Shintoism has a longer history, but is no longer present? All in all, mysterious. Outside the matrix, dozens of Golden Pills did not leave. Some people watched the fun, some wanted to know who the demon was, and some wanted to see if they had a chance to kneel and lick the gods. King of Chu Giang. Overall, this place is still bustling. At this moment, a small yellow light bloomed, like the sun swallowing the darkness, quickly swallowing everything around. The three city gods on the ground were suddenly stunned. The three city gods together pulled the weaker mountain god Huangzeshan, quickly boarded the warship, and hastily said: "Go, hurry. The king of Chujiang is too strong, and we will have to endure." didn't know anything, and immediately Then panicked. Not only he was frightened, but all the generals of the Underworld and the ghost soldiers on the battleship were also frightened. They quickly controlled the warship, opened the magic array arranged by the Underworld, and flew out as if in desperation. outside. The three city gods were kind-hearted people, and while fleeing as if on fire, they mobilized their mana and shouted at the dozens of onlookers in the Golden Core Kingdom who were watching the battle: "King Chu Giang's is too strong, be careful not to hurt the fish in the pond, quickly get on the boat." The Jin Dan outside watching the war were all experts, each of them smart. Hearing this, they were shocked and hastily used their methods, boarded the Yin Division's warship, and Fei also ran away. However, the judgment of the three city gods was correct. After the earth-shattering demon formation swelled, it continued to castrate and devour everything around it. Fortunately, the three city gods took the people around them away before they took action. The seismic demon array expanded seven or eight miles, then suddenly converged, turned into a small yellow light and shadow, and disappeared. And this area, of course, became an open space. In a radius of more than ten miles, no matter the trees, rocks, or mountains or rivers, they all disappeared, leaving only a large hole, more than a mile deep into the ground, bottomless. “Crack!!!” A stone rolled down the edge of the hole, and it was a long time before I heard the sound of falling to the ground. Not long after, the Yin Division warship fled and turned back. Everyone looked at this huge hole, even the three gods who had been ghosts for many years couldn't help but want to swallow their saliva. Even the Taoists in the Nascent Soul Realm could not create such a large hole. It also devours everything around it, trees, rocks, mountains and rivers. King Zhujiang's attack was truly earth-shattering. "Where is So Giang King? Where is the Tu Tieu Palace Taoist?" After a while, a Taoist cultivating Golden Dan monk asked loudly. The silence was broken, leaving everyone stunned. That's right, where is Chu Giang Vuong? What about Taoist monks? Those poor Taoists are still alive? Are you afraid of King Chujiang's attack? Or simply turn into fly ash? At this time, Master Xuan Kong of Zixiao Palace, as well as his juniors Yun Chizi, Shan Chizi and other disciples and grandchildren, were at the bottom of the large pit. However, this group of people did not inhale or exhale for a long time. But when Zhang Ning said that the battle was earth-shattering, Daoist Xuan Kong and others woke up, because the opportunity changed drastically, an extremely powerful force, the shocking force bloomed. Then nothing. The sitting tiger disappeared, the bloody formation disappeared, and they fell to the bottom of the pit. You must know that Zixiao Palace is one of the strongest Taoist sects in the Fengyue World, and its disciples, even those under Jindan, are quite knowledgeable. Not to mention people like Yun Chizi and Shan Chizi became Jindan, and Xuankong Taoist became Yuan Ying. Even in Zixiao Palace, these people are the elite. Taoist Xuan Kong is the elite of the previous generation, Yun Chizi and Shan Chizi are the elite of the current generation, and some of these eleven golden medicinal pills can become Yuan Ying. And this world of wind and moon is not a world of bliss, there are also fights, human monks fight with each other, conflicts between humans and lovers, lovers. Those who can develop to Golden Dan must have practiced for hundreds of years. There are so many things I have experienced, and how vast my knowledge is. But even Daoist Huyen Khong, no one has ever seen such power. How strong is this? The great northern monster sitting on the mountain tiger was completely wiped out without even asking for mercy. At this time, Zhang Ning disappeared and could not be found anywhere. The Taoists of Zixiao Palace stood in a large pit, still immersed in amazement, of a kind. "Who am I, where am I." mood. I couldn't believe what was happening before my eyes, I couldn't believe it. In the end, Jiang Hu was still impatient. Taoist Huyen Khong first broke the silence and sighed and said: "Today I know that there is heaven outside the world, there are supernatural people, if it weren't for this person's help, we would group Will fall into the hands of the tiger sitting there. A strong person like Zuoshanhu just needs to meet him. "Immediately, Taoist Huyen Khong turned his head to his disciples and grandchildren, and said seriously: "In the future, we must remember that. We must calculate before acting, and Be careful before acting, don't rely on yourself, if you are dictatorial, you must be strong." hastily responded and accepted this teaching. In fact, Taoist Huyen Khong does not need to be reminded much, today meeting you, who doesn't know that there are heavenly beings, and there are non-human people? It's true that Yuan Ying is like a dog, and the golden elixir is not as good as a dog. This world is too dangerous. After saying a few words, the Taoists of Zixiao Palace Thinking about the Taoist who rescued them, Huyen Khong Taoist couldn't help but sigh: "Even though the old Taoist is a monk, when he saw this kind of person, he also wanted to get close to him, but unfortunately this Taoist friend has already left. , I haven't said it yet. "Thank you, old Taoist." The same goes for Yun Chizi, Shan Chizi and others. Such a wonderful person, I really want to meet them. The Taoist monks were all injured, their injuries were very serious, but Doan Ho who was sitting was extremely serious. But now that the matter has passed, Taoist Huyen Khong also feels that becoming a god is still waiting outside, so he said, together with his disciples and grandson, he flew up and landed next to the big hole. At this moment, the Yin Master battleship had returned to the Yin Master, only the three remaining gods, Hoang Trach Son, and dozens of Kim Dan watching the excitement were still there. They also felt that Taoist Huyen Khong was still alive, so they did not go down to investigate, waiting for Taoist Huyen Khong and the others to come up. Seeing Taoist Huyen Khong coming, Ninh Quoc Thanh said loudly: "Friend Huyen Khong, where is King So Giang?" But everyone couldn't sense where So Giang Vuong was. Ninh Quoc Thanh Than asked loudly. Taoist Huyen Khong waited for the Taoists of Tu Tieu Palace to be stunned for a moment before regaining their composure. He was frightened in his heart, "So it's the So Giang King from the rumors of the Underworld?" Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. No wonder he was able to unleash such a powerful force, terrifying the ghosts. That's So Giang Vuong, hard to blame, hard to blame. Daoist Huyen Khong immediately felt embarrassed again, old Daoist, I seemed to call him Daoist friend before? Old Taoist, what qualifications do I have to be a companion to King Chu Giang of the Yin Sect? Then I felt sad again, that was King So Giang, the old Taoist, my heart was not as good as the immortal, I couldn't help but want to raise my head to take a look, but the immortal also looked at this King of Chu Giang, I was afraid. They also want to know a little Bar? What a missed opportunity, King Chu Jiang lost. Huyen Khong Dao Thuong sighed, then said to the three gods and Kim Dan present: "King So Giang has probably left." Everyone, including the god, sighed endlessly. But we can also breathe a sigh of relief, those characters who are waiting to reach the sky, don't think they will bother us much, right?

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    Yang Mingmu said contemptuously: "You won't give up? Then you should report your name, but looking at your haggard appearance, you don't even have a name, and I don't even care to know." Looking at everyone, he continued: "I heard that there are no famous people in Thanh Phong Tower. Don't make trouble. Then, as a disciple of a famous family, you won't intentionally break the rules of others. Then find a quiet place." outside." to solve this problem, so you can know that I am strong. Come with me, I don't have much time."

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    The old man walked across the small bridge and flowing water, towards the corridor in the middle of the cave, the sound of his footsteps falling, he was lonely and desolate. The hallway was long, the stalactites on the walls were delicately broken, reflecting faint light, and finally a stone room with a radius of several meters appeared.

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    Wang Shi dismissed it and said: "I will accompany you to the end? It's up to you, are you worthy?"

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    Qingfeng Tower, living in the ancient city of Qingfeng, facing the taboo and fierce place in the southeast, was passed down through generations because of Qingfeng drunkenness. The building is the secret property of the Zongheng family, and the person in charge is named Lou Zhu, who is a loyal servant of the Zongheng family, who protects his business and protects his master all over the world. gender. Because of the Ling Langya patriarch, the world burned it and destroyed it in anger, at that time, the master stood guard without backing down, so he died with the tower. Although it was later rebuilt, it is still called Qingfeng Tower, no longer what it used to be.

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    Ling Langya imitated the ritual in the story, clasped his hands and said: "Thank you for saving me. I only have one doubt, this battle can also be counted as an entrance fee. Could it be that the entrance fee is money?" "

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    At first, no one cared about the boy's playful nature, of course Ling Langya was very interested, but after playing alone for a long time, he gradually felt bored so he wanted to attract attention of Master again. He used to pamper himself, but the master ignored him. He also practiced hard, but the master turned a blind eye.

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    At the moment of life and death, when the long knife was about to reach three inches of Ling Langya's back, and when A Fu was still five steps away from the long knife, a dark shadow suddenly appeared from afar and met the long knife. The knife made an explosive sound in mid-air. Upon impact, the two immediately fell to the ground, emitting a deafening sound.

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    The general said solemnly: "I have been in the army for many years, fought countless battles, and have never been afraid of anyone. Even though I know I am invincible, I can still try a sword."

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    Linglangya comes out from the depths of taboo and fierceness, and meanders down to the Qingxi River, without many bends along the way. Although there are countless powerful demon beasts here, unable to subdue the old man's ability, practicing with the old man every day, but now that Lang Lang Gia is leaving, he feels a bit helpless, but He didn't say goodbye, just looked after him. distance Silently crossing the sun and moon, crossing rivers and mountains, hungry to eat forest fruits, thirsty to drink clear stream water, finally drifting away, even the lonely back disappeared.

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    Qingfeng Tower, living in the ancient city of Qingfeng, facing the taboo and fierce place in the southeast, was passed down through generations because of Qingfeng drunkenness. The building is the secret property of the Zongheng family, and the person in charge is named Lou Zhu, who is a loyal servant of the Zongheng family, who protects his business and protects his master all over the world. gender. Because of the Ling Langya patriarch, the world burned it and destroyed it in anger, at that time, the master stood guard without backing down, so he died with the tower. Although it was later rebuilt, it is still called Qingfeng Tower, no longer what it used to be.

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    The man's voice shook his head and said: "I wasn't drunk then, and I'm not drunk now. I was definitely a young man in red, not in white."

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    At this time, A Phuc was still in shock, seeing that the little official was almost killed, in the blink of an eye he quickly ran out, thinking to himself that if there was no one to tell the story, perhaps the soul that died under the knife would be him. . He was naturally acquainted with the narrator who was also making a living in Qingfenglou, so he quickly approached behind the two of them, seeking protection and support.

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    Although Zhang Ning was awake, the preface was over. Yan Ziyun was also a smart person, so he knew that Zhang Ning didn't know where he was, and he was very surprised. But Yan Ziyun did not go into details first, but took Zhang Ning's hand and went to the three-way and four-way formation. To the curious Sister Wang and others, she said triumphantly: "This is my only seedling, Zhao Ning." "Zhang Ning." Zhang Ning had no choice but to correct him. "You are the only man left in my Trieu family. You have to think about the Trieu family. What if you have the Truong family and the Trieu family? You have two sons, one is Trieu and the other is Trieu." Truong." Yan Ziyun said politely. Zhang Ning just frowned and said nothing. After Yan Ziyun said nonsense, he officially introduced Zhang Ning, saying this is my cousin, handsome and talented. He also introduced his four sisters to Zhang Ning. Sister Wang is called Wang Yuanguang, the sister who presides over the formation is called Li Mudan, and the other two sisters are called Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu. "My Thien Dinh sect is a great sect of Heaven, spread to many places." After introducing the sisters, Yen Tu Van was a bit proud, then curiously asked: "Bear sister, where do you live, what else do you have?" You don't know where this is? "Where are you surprised to come here?" The four senior sisters of Thien Dinh Tong have relaxed their vigilance a lot, but still pay more or less attention to Truong Ninh, but they are not Tieu Hoa, and they still have Basic awareness when going out. Zhang Ning didn't care, and just replied: "But he went to the world of Fengyue and defected to Li Yuanba. He settled in a village." Yan Ziyun lives up to the name of Li Yuanba. In fact, as long as you pay attention to Zhang Ning, you will know that Zhang Ning has a good friend who has been missing for many years, named Li Yuanba. As for the Phong Nguyet world, I have never heard of it. After all, heaven and earth are too big, and there are as many names of heaven and earth as bull heads, so it is normal that I have not heard of it. But Yan Ziyun was quite worried when he heard that Zhang Ning settled in a village, and said: "Then Li Yuanba is not a bad person. He even took you to settle in a village? Could it be that you "He can't plow the fields in the village? Even though you and I have just come out of Da Qi, our cultivation levels are low. But my talent is very good, your talent should be higher than mine. Why do we have to hang around in the countryside?" village? That's it. You follow me to Thien Dinh Tong, although Thien Dinh Tong has very few men, in other words, every man is a treasure, brother, you are so handsome, you must be so handsome. loved by junior sister, at that time choose three or five, to pass on the bloodline to our Trieu family." The first part of this sentence is quite serious, but when it comes to the second part, it reveals the hooliganism of women. Sister Vuong Nguyen Quang couldn't listen anymore, so he patted Yen Tu Van's head. Yen Tu Van turned his head and smiled brightly. Zhang Ning was very helpless and said: "Don't worry about my cousin, I have a beautiful wife. Currently, Xiuxiu is practicing Buddhism in a nunnery near the village, but I can't be without." Ziyun heard this quite surprised, then he happily said: "Okay, it's good to have a beautiful wife. I remember that Xiuxiu is your childhood sweetheart. That's great. You should hurry up and have a precious son. When you give birth to a son, remember to have the surname Trieu." Two of Yan Ziyun's four sisters looked strange. In the spiritual world, having two wives is truly rare. Symbolizes large, trotters. Truong Ninh was reluctant and had to change the subject, asking: "Cousin, where is this? I just had a party, and then I don't understand why I came here. Ly Nguyen Ba sat next to me, disappeared again without a trace." traces." She said that Zhang Ning was considered a bit cold, but in front of this crazy woman, she couldn't be cold anymore, and she was really lost. Yan Ziyun also thought of this thing, looked up at the sky and said: "This is called Realm Realm. Rumor has it that the world began and all things grew. At that time, humans and demons had the same origin, and they cultivated demons. Afterwards, Yan Jun attained the Tao for the first time, and established the Yin Division of the Shinto Sect. After that, the Taoist ancestors attained the true Tao and passed it on, and they were immortal cultivators. The Buddha and the Buddha demon also attained enlightenment one after another. There are Buddha cultivators and demon cultivators, among them is a true demon, called the demon saint, who also has the opportunity to become a great saint of the demon sky, but fights in the same void. The great demon fiercely, in the end both fell, finally forming the true demon world, in the demon world there are demon saints and great demon corpses, for demons and demons, it is quite beneficial. . , this world was purchased by the demon sect, seventy-two bamboo slabs were established, every hundred years, the bamboo slabs will be brought by disciples, the bamboo slabs are scattered all over the sky, I think where you participated, someone kept it. that bamboo card, but they didn't know its use, so they brought you to this world. The body of the demon saint, named Chunyang, is of great benefit to the cultivators of immortality and Buddhism. There is a demon flower born in the head of the great demon, which is very beneficial to the cultivators of the demon, the great clan is well, so every ten years, there will be a fierce battle. Although my Tiandingzong is considered strong, I haven't won the pure yang flower for a long time. " Zhang Ning understood. It turned out that it was a corpse, he walked on the corpse, no wonder there were so many demons and monsters in the demonic energy, perhaps these monsters were caused by the thoughts of The true devil was born before death. For the devil's head, a pure yang flower was born. Zhang Ning was a little surprised, but not shocked. But mono yin is not major, mono yang is not major. Demons come from Yin, but they are not Yin. Buddha comes from Yang, but it is not Yang. Tao is the harmony of yin and yang. A bit of pure yang in the demonic element can be the key to the desire to become home great sage of the demon world. But after understanding, Zhang Ning was still worried about where to find Li Yuanba. Furthermore, Yan Ziyun and others from Tiandingzong came together, but they separated again. But It's easy to explain, after all, the Thien Dinh Sect had obtained the bamboo voucher for many years, so there was a way to go in together. And they rushed in. As Yan Ziyun said, the Tianding sect is a strong sect, but it has not had its pure flower for many years. Furthermore, even if she could get the Pure Duong flower, her little sister would not be able to get it. She just came to join the fun, and doesn't care about any pure sunflowers. Therefore, Yan Ziyun cared about his cousin again. First, before in Daqi, Zhang Ning cared very much for Yan Ziyun, and Yan Ziyun remembered that in his heart. Second, Zhang Ning took good care of her, which made Yan Ziyun feel bad. It's obvious that I'm your cousin, yet I shamelessly call you my cousin. It is truly irreversible. So, Yan Ziyun rolled his eyes, stretched out his slender and delicate arm, hooked Zhang Ning's neck like a female thug, and said loudly: “Cousin, don't worry, even though in this real world there are lots of risks. But you can rest. Don't worry, your cousin will protect you. Ly Nguyen Ba can rest assured. As long as you're alive, I will protect you. If you die, there's nothing you can do. rely on Yan Jun to protect you." Zhang Ning really had no choice but to look up. Xiang Yan Ziyun pushed Yan Ziyun's hand away and said: "Cousin, can you be more serious? " "Are not. This is me." Yan Ziyun shook her head and refused very easily. Since the former No. 1 beauty in the world, since letting herself go, she has gone further and further on the path of female madness. Don't say Truong Ninh refuses. can't stand it, even her senior sister can't stand it. The five members of Tiandingzong's master and sister are here because they have consumed a lot, and they need to take the pills here to replenish their food energy. Now that the senior sisters have finished replenishing their true energy, they don't want to listen to Yan Ziyun's nonsense. Li Mudan, who presided over the formation, tidied up the formation, stood up. and said: "It's late, let's go." "Okay." Wang Yuanguang, Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu also spoke. Immediately, Tiandingzong's four sisters began to form a formation, but Wang Yuanguang's sister holding the sword in front, Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu were on both sides, while Li Mudan, Yan Ziyun and Zhang Ning were pulled into the formation, guarding the middle. Li Mudan was in charge of the formation and was naturally protected, while Yan Ziyun is the younger sister with the lowest cultivation base. As for Zhang Ning, he was drawn to Yan Ziyun and thus protected. “Don't worry, my cousin will protect you.” Nhan Tu Van said confidently. And she herself was clearly covered by her seniors. Zhang Ning is not easy to explain, so he is free. However, Yan Ziyun's four sisters are actually much stronger than Zhang Ning. It is very easy to deal with these monsters born of evil energy. After all, Truong Ninh has only been in Phong Nguyet World for a few years. Even if he has been in the illusory world, it hasn't been long, and his cultivation level is only at the initial stage. The only thing Zhang Ning is better at than them is that he can convert magical energy for his own use without fear of consumption. These days, Dingzong's sisters are not doing well, but from time to time they have to sit down and swallow medicinal pills to replenish their real energy. Every time at this time, that sister Li Mudan will sacrifice three talents and four poles for protection. Zhang Ning was actually covered all the way by Yan Ziyun, heading towards his head. According to Yan Ziyun, they were currently on the back of the real demon, and there was still some distance from the head. Whenever given the formation of three talents and four poles, Yan Ziyun would connect with Zhang Ning for a while, chatting a lot. Really, if her fans in the Daqi world see her again, they will definitely not believe their eyes. Although he was still the same person, his temperament and tone had changed too much. And just like Yan Ziyun said, this is her, it's just a disguise. "Cousin. Really. Take this opportunity to return to Thien Dinh Sect with me, you can join Thien Dinh Sect, as long as you join Thien Dinh Sect, you will be famous, as for the two junior sisters, Later, they will also welcome the Thien Dinh Sect "That's it. Although I don't know where Fengyue is, there are definitely records in Tiandingzong, and it won't be very difficult to contact. " Yan Ziyun sat next to Zhang Ning, hooked Zhang Ning's shoulder and was fascinated. Zhang Ning repeatedly pushed this naughty salty pig's hand away, but Yan Ziyun hooked him up many times, Zhang Ning's face was also rough. , so it's okay. He put the knife back into its sheath and said: "Brother, I'm really not interested in joining the Thien Dinh sect. For me, the means don't need to be too advanced, just getting started. It doesn't matter where you are." practice, as long as you have Xiu talent, just Huqi by my side is enough." Yan Ziyun wouldn't understand Zhang Ning, after all, the cousin she knew was too one-sided. Isn't it true that the higher the method, the deeper it is? Isn't the stronger Shimen the better? “What an unfamiliar cousin.” Yan Ziyun said angrily. Then Yen Tu Van chatted enthusiastically with Truong Ninh, mainly because she spoke and Truong Ninh listened. And Tiandingzong's four sisters adjusted their breathing separately. This type of situation is normal. Since Truong Ninh joined the team, he has experienced it three times, this is the fourth time. But this time there was a certain anomaly. "Tut, tut!!!" At this moment, endless magical power surged. Immediately after, a sharp and shrill sound rang out. It seemed to be the sound of a mouse, but it was sharper and shriller. And there's a fierceness to it. "That's right. This is the flying squirrel. In the Real Demon Realm, the most ferocious and powerful monster is born from the corpse of a real demon." The actual energy in the four sisters' bodies fluctuated for a moment, and they opened their eyes one after another. Sister Wang Yuanguang said with an ugly face. Among the five members of the Tiandingzong group, except for Yan Ziyun who is a trash person, the remaining four sisters are all extremely strong, and they don't panic and don't cause trouble when something happens. But at this moment, everyone changed color, which showed that this monster was extremely powerful. Yan Ziyun also muttered for a while, pulled Zhang Ning's hand and said: "Cousin, hide behind me. This so-called flying squirrel is really powerful. It is truly a rare meeting, and we actually encountered it." hand out, and pulled the magic knife from his belt. Yan Ziyun quickly used force to press Zhang Ning's hand back, and struck back the magic knife that was about to be pulled out of its sheath. "Don't be brave. Now is not the time to be brave and cruel. Don't think you are invincible in Daqi's world. A delicate flower like us will wither when a gust of air blows by . Don't worry, I have senior sister to protect me, it's okay." Yen Tu Van patted her great chest, revealing her confidence. Although Yan Ziyun said a lot of nonsense, the information she gave was completely accurate. Tiandingzong is a strong sect, and these four sisters are the strongest among their colleagues. Even though he felt unlucky to meet Momonga, and knew it would be a difficult fight, he did not give up. The four sisters took action. "First use the Three Thousand Four Poles to consume the flying squirrel, then we'll go up." Sister Vuong Quang Nguyen calmly gave instructions. "Yes, sister." The three nuns said in unison. Although everyone is more beautiful than others, and people are more beautiful than others, they are also heroic and heroic, and women do not give way to men. Truong Ninh also let go of the knife and stood looking. At this moment, the flying squirrel appeared. It's the name of the weirdo, it's a winged rat that looks like a mouse. The wings are like a bat, one big and one small, looking very disgusting. With a mouse-like shape, the hair all over his body stands up like needles. Bright red eyes, very strange. The tail is short and small, the hind legs are strong, the front legs are small. The person stood up, flapped his wings in the air and flew towards him. This is also a monster raised in demonic aura, powerful, the demonic aura surrounding it makes it feel like a fish in water, squeaking, very ferocious. Zhang Ning felt that with the cultivation of these sisters, he could barely deal with one of them. And Zhang Ning noticed that there were people around. There were real people.

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